Indian Head Massage


Professionally known as Champissage, this is a very specific massage which has its roots in Ayurvedic traditional medicine. Dating back over 4,000 years. It has become a family tradition especially amongst the indian female population to massage the head and especially the hair. Amongst the male population a scalp massage would be part of the service of a barber hence the word “Champi” (head massage).

Physical and Mental Benefits

Helps with edginess and mental tiredness. relief from emotional & mental stress, improved concentration, for the use in disturbed sleep and insomnia, improves concentration, relief of eyestrain, relief of tension headaches, loosening of scalp, promotion of hair growth, relief of chronic neck & shoulder conditions, restores mobility of neck and shoulders, breaks down fibrous adhesions, specific relaxation of muscles and dispersion of toxins from tense muscles (especially neck & shoulders thus improving circulation of blood to the brain), improves lymphatic circulation.


Drunkenness & dehydration, food poisioning,severe inflammations, very high or very low blood pressure, contagious skin disorders, acute infectious dieseases, recent accidents, whiplash and recent surgery, high tempretures / fevers, anurosa, undergoing medical treatments for serious medical conditions i.e. cancer. Psoriasis, spondlitis / spondylosis of the neck, painful cysts, Osteoporosis, frailty,epilepsy, chronic fatigue.








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