Tai chi / Qi Gong  for wellbeing.



Qi Gong ( pronounced Chee Kung ) the english translation of this chinese concept is  known as energy work. It comes from martial art and taoist traditions and comes to us in many forms such as breathing, meditation, massage and physical exercises. there are some similarities to Tai chi chuan, usually the forms are more static and grounded. The aim is to build on your internal energy and this will happen when practicing on a regular basis.
Moves are performed slowly and softly and you practice within your limits. The benefits of Qi gong are better balance and co-ordination, increases in strength and flexibility, improved circulation, massage of internal organs all contributing to better health and well being.
Gerry endeavours to maintain a daily practice and also runs 2 classes one day per week in Usk, Monmouthshire and works with clients in Great Oaks hospice in Coleford Gloucestershire.

It is with a heavy heart that I have made this decision but this coming tuesday ( 14-7-2015 ) will be my last classes at Usk Memorial Hall, but I would like to thank you all for supporting me over the last 12 years and I do hope you maintain your own personal practice.

Best wishes


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