Is a technique that has a unique mapping system of the feet, hands and ears via reflexes that correspond to various structures organs and systems of the body. Early origins of this work go back to the early 20th centuary by the recorded findings of Dr William Fitzgerald (1872-1942). This work was termed Zone therapy. Further work on the theory of Zone therapy was investigated by Dr Josesph Shelby Riley and the work on the feet was refined by Eunice Ingham (1889 - 1974) which is the basis of reflexology.


Stress reduction, improved lymph and blood circulation, elimination of toxins, balancing and revitalizing bodily systems, thus maintaining good health.


Unstable pregnancies and diabetes, active and chronic cancers, chronic heart conditions and pacemakers, unstable blood pressure, inflammations , unstable psycotic conditions. Also best performed  4 hours after prescribed medication  and not directly after a large meal.

30 min Session  £25       45 min session  Cost £30


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