Therapeutic Body Massage






Body massage has a long history, records go back as far as 5000 years various forms of massage have thier sources in the far east from chinese and ayurvedic medicine. Henrik Ling  (1776-1839) is responsible for what is known as Swedish massage which used techniques from the east with a western understanding of anatomy and physiology which are still practised today.

Effects of Massage on the muscular system

Can Relieve soreness and stiffness of muscles caused by storing up of waste products in the tissues, muscles become more toned and stronger.

Effects of Massage on the nervous system

Relaxing and invigorating benefits are experienced and then works in conjunction with other body systems and organ health.

Effects of massage on the circulatory system

Encourages flow of blood which encourages elimination of toxins from the body and enhances nutrient uptake of the body. The lympatic flow is also encouraged.

Effects of massage on the Skin

A healthier glow, removal of toxic waste, removal of dead skin cells.  


Feverish conditions, infectious diseases , inflammation, osteoporosis, varicose veins, high blood pressure, recently diagnosed diabetics, cancer of the lymph, women's menstruation, skin disorders, hernia, high dosage drug intake, epilepsy, nausea.


60mins (Back, neck, shoulders )  



90mins (Whole body)


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